Building a Cryptocurrency
Ecosystem and DEFI

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About us

The crypto ecosystem

We create a crypto ecosystem(c2c) that include: e-commerce, social networks, exchanges and crypto wallet, gaming.

Our mission is to become the leading global online digital bank.

We create VALUE for our customers.

We are also working to create an alternative, scalable, secure, transparent, efficient, inclusive, and equitable financial system for all.

Token information and capital allocation

We are transparent with our spendings and investors can check with smart contracts


The details of the business model, vision, mission, and terms of service are the rules

that the user agrees to follow in order to use this service.

It is a bilateral statement of liability and regulations of use between the service provider and the customer.

  • Setup the technology blockchain and business model
  • Launch Website
  • Smart Contract
  • Develop NFTS
  • KYC
  • Launch Token
  • Plan to build the metaverse messenger app that includes audio calling and video calling.
  • Release Tabgames version 2 that is upgraded with web 3.0
  • Use Web3 for login and create metaverse avatar by AI
  • Staking Platform
  • CMC/CGListing
  • CMC/CGListing
  • Expand P2E
  • Partnerships
  • MorePartnerships
  • recruit Major Brands
  • top 100 CMC

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